Indiana University

Applicant Instructions

Applicant Instructions

Thank you for considering Indiana University School of Medicine for your medical education. The information below will assist you in applying.


Indiana University School of Medicine participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), Early Decision Program (EDP), the AMCAS Letter of Recommendation Service, and Criminal Background Check program,

A.  AMCAS application deadline (June 1 - November 17)

B.  Early Decision Program application deadline (June 1 - August 1)

C.  Your name and address will appear on all official admission correspondence as it does on your AMCAS application. If you input your name as JOHN P. SMITH, this is how it will appear in your letters. The Office of Admissions cannot and will not make changes to your AMCAS application.        

2.  Supplemental Forms

Only applicants selected to interview will be emailed Supplemental Forms. ALL Supplemental documents must be returned via U.S. mail, no exceptions.


B.  Complete IU Graduate School application and submit nonrefundable $50 fee.

C.  Legal Disclosure Form

D.   Dean of Students Evaluation (completed by the individual that maintains student disciplinary records at your undergraduate institution.)

 E.  Letter of Evaluation Form (place the name of the 3 individuals or composite letter writers who will be submitting the nonscience, science, and personal evaluations on your behalf on the form.  Indiana University only requires 3 letters. (Letters should be written by someone who has taught you in a class (i.e., Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Literature, Humanities). Neuroscience courses within the Department of Psychology will not fulfill the science requirement. We will only print three required letters from AMCAS. If you wish to submit additional letters, you must mail them directly to the office.

F.  Official transcripts from all schools attended must be forward to the Office of Admissions for all applicants with a status of ACCEPTED or ALTERNATE.   AMCAS does not forward transcripts to universities.


3.  Interview Information

Applicants applying to the EDP program and general applicant pool who are selected for interview will be emailed interview information.

Due to a limited number of interview dates, rescheduling is not recommended unless extenuating circumstances exist.



4.  Final Notification

EDP notifications will be sent by October 1.

Acceptance notifications for the general pool are sent on a monthly basis beginning in October.  All applicants will receive an admission decision by June 1; however, we do not guarantee a specific decision date for any candidate. Additionally, admission decisions will not be issued over the telephone.

Applicants who wish to accept the admission offer must respond, in writing, within 30 days from the date of the admission letter.

5. Application Status

To check the status of your application please follow the instructions provided in your Supplemental packet to access the Applicant Portal. If your questions are not addressed, please email

6.  Alternates

Applicants placed on the alternate list may receive an offer of admission up to and including the first week of classes. The alternate list is reviewed periodically. Historically, a number of applicants placed on the alternate list have been offered admission. Must submit official transcripts to the Office of Admissions.

7.  Withdrawals

If you wish to withdraw your application, please email us at

8.  Transfer Admissions

Indiana University School of Medicine has suspended transfer admissions.  Applicants who have withdrawn or been dismissed from another medical school are not eligible for admission to the first year class at Indiana.